10 Things I Love About France

10 Things I Love About France Stacey Gustafson

Our family embarked on a late summer vacation before the kiddos went off to college. Paris and the surrounding countryside beckoned. We enjoyed relaxing over leisurely meals undisturbed by our iPhones and California lifestyle. I discovered at least “10 Things I Love About France” and wanted to share it with you. Coffee and Chocolate Croissants – The French serve the most scrumptious, simple breakfast. Try sipping on hot, slightly bitter coffee with buttery, warm chocolate croissants as you people watch at the crossroads of contemporary culture. It’s an exquisite experience. Clothes – The French definitely dress better. They keep it simple by wearing a neutral palette of … [Read more...]

14 Excuses Why I Cannot Exercise

14 Excuses Why I Cannot Exercise Stacey Gustafson

I’ve got a million excuses why I cannot exercise but only 14 are actually legitimate. I wake up each day with good intentions but can’t seem to get off my butt and go to the gym. 14 Excuses Why I Cannot Exercise I cannot exercise after I’ve taken off my bra. By 7 PM, I’ve lost all motivation to leave the house. The bra is off and I’ve slipped into sweatpants. What’s the point of exercising now? I’d have to shower again. It’s a whole thing. I cannot exercise on Monday because it’s the start of the week. I have go grocery shopping, drop off laundry, pay bills, vacuum, check Facebook, read email and start dinner. I cannot exercise before 8:30 AM. I need to … [Read more...]

Open Letter to My Lawn Service Guys

Open Letter to My Lawn Service Guys Stacey Gustafson

Dear Three Men and a Mower, I’m the house on the corner of Parched St. and Desert Dr. Just wondering lawn service guys, why do you keep mowing our lawn? In case you haven’t noticed, California is experiencing its fourth year of a severe drought. Last year was devastating. This year’s been worse. Weather reports are actually tracking rainfall by the 1/100ths of an inch. Watch the news if you’re not familiar with the trickle of rainfall we’re getting. California Drought http://ca.gov/drought/ California’s been in a State of Emergency since January. Citizens have ripped out their lawns, junked inefficient toilets and filled in their pools. Neighbors rats out other … [Read more...]

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6 Ways to Find Walter Palmer, Dentist Who Shot Cecil the Lion

6 Ways to Find Walter Palmer, Dentist Who Shot Cecil the Lion Stacey Gustafson

Walter Palmer, the American dentist who shot Cecil, is in hiding as outrage grows surrounding the death of this known local favorite African lion. As children and adults mourn the tragic loss of Cecil, the search continues for Walter. A White House petition has reached over 175,000 signatures requesting Walter Palmer to be extradited to Zimbabwe but where is he? 6 Ways to Find Walter Palmer Use AARP The best way to find someone is to enlist AARP’s help. Since my 50th birthday, I have been contacted 289 times to “Join Now.” According to their website, they have over 37,000,000 members. They know where everybody lives and it’s impossible to try and hide from … [Read more...]

Reasons Not to Watch the Bachelorette With Your Man

Reasons Not to Watch the Bachelorette with your man Stacey Gustafson

Last night, Kaitlyn Bristowe picked Shawn Booth as the winner of the ABC reality TV dating show, The Bachelorette. Monday night’s known around my household as Bachelorette/Bachelor Night, AKA Go Ask Your Father Night. I’ve watched the trashy, mindless, ridiculous show with my daughter since the beginning, almost 11 seasons. Then she had the nerve to move away to college. Since then, I’ve been “stuck” viewing the Bachelorette with my husband. This is probably his last season. I’ll tell you why. Reasons Not to Watch the Bachelorette With Your Man He’s too talkative My husband ignores the proper Bachelorette/Bachelor Viewing Protocol. You must be absolutely quiet the first 5 … [Read more...]

11 Funniest Cruise Complaints (Blood Stains on the Bed, Oh My!)

11 Funniest Cruise Complaints Stacey Gustafson

Summer’s here so get ready to book a cruise of a lifetime. But before you pack your suitcase, you may want to read this first. Actual complaints from real customers were posted on ConsumerAffairs.com and carnival-cruise-lines.pissedconsumer.com. The funniest cruise complaints were from cruises taken over the last year using Carnival Cruise Lines. I realize that there are complaints-a-plenty on other cruise lines too, like Norwegian, Disney, Celebrity, Seabourn, just to name a few. However, Carnival Cruise Lines had some of the worst reviews, and hence the funniest! Carnival Cruise Lines ain’t no love boat. What’s Consumer Affairs? ConsumerAffairs is a consumer news and advocacy … [Read more...]

Wait? What?! Semi-finalist in 2015 Kindle Book Awards


Best way to enter a writing contest? Submit your book and then forget about it! Months ago I entered Are You Kidding Me? My Life with an Extremely Loud Family, Bathroom Calamities, and Crazy Relatives in the 2015 Kindle Book Awards contest. Rules First, according to the judges,"We will initially read the “Look Inside” sample (90% of your score) and Amazon book description (10% of score). We’re looking for books with a compelling book description, but more importantly, books that “grab us from the beginning” and make us want to read more. The screening process is an indication of your potential buyers experience with your book, as subjective as that is. Book covers will only be … [Read more...]