What Does Mom Really Want For Mother’s Day – Nothing

Best gift of all? Nothing for Mother's Day Stacey Gustafson

Mother’s Day was always big bust and I was too exhausted to endure it again. This year I came up with a brilliant idea. Two days before the big event, I prepared my answer to the question, “What do you want for Mother’s Day?” “Nothing,” I said. “Come on, we have to get you something. What do you want?” “Nothing. I want a day filled with nothing. No fighting. No laundry. No cooking. No TV,” I said. “You’re just saying that. You’d be mad if we don’t get you a gift.” “Nope. This is what I really want.” “No way. That’s too hard. Just let us get you a gift.” I Want Nothing for Mother's Day I stood my ground and reminded my family … [Read more...]

Graduation Advice for My Daughter

Graduation Advice for My Daughter Stacey Gustafson

Teachers, valedictorians and school administrators spoke at your high school graduation and offered advice like go to college, get a job, work hard, pursue your dreams, and travel. This is great for most graduates but just the tip of the iceberg. Since they did not ask me to speak at commencement, now I offer graduation advice for my daughter. It includes the little stuff that people often forget to mention that makes life meaningful. Dear Daughter, Congratulations! Today you have achieved a major milestone, graduation from high school. You’re moving onto a new chapter in your life, one filled with great adventure and the unknown. At times you may be scared and question all that you know … [Read more...]

Make ‘Em Laugh At Open Mic

Want to Crack People Up at Open Mic Stacey Gustafson

I jumped at the chance to make 'em laugh at Open Mic at the Pleasanton Firehouse Arts Center on April 8. It was an opportunity to share my favorite form of prose, humor writing. Even though I may not win any awards for writing, I bet I can make you laugh out loud. Laughter is part of sharing the human experience. My Problems Are Like Yours When I share my work, people laugh and can relate. That’s because my problems are like yours. Does your husband need to be reminded each week to take out the trash? So does mine. Do your kids complain about everything from the way you drive to your fashion sense? Mine too. See what I mean? You’re just like me except I write about it, much to the … [Read more...]

14 Ways Guys Are Like Twitter

14 Ways Guys Are Like Twitter Stacey Gustafson

The men in our life can be funny, moody, straight shooters, and have the ability to get to the heart of a problem. Small talk? Not my guys! On social media, there’s one place they feel at home…Twitter. Do you know the 14 Ways Guys Are Like Twitter? 14 Ways Guys Are Like Twitter They only speak in 140 characters or less. THEY ARE LOUD AND TALK IN ALL CAPS. If they don’t like what someone says, they don’t reply. Spelling doesn’t matter….to them. Snark and attitude reign supreme. Random people may jump into their conversation. It’s not necessary to understand everything they say. Lurking around is permitted. They don’t need permission to voice their … [Read more...]

Mick Jagger Keeps Me Up at Night and Other Dreams

Mick Jagger Keeps Me Up at Night and Other Dreams stacey gustafson

“Why’d you send me email at midnight with a link to 1,000 Ways to Clean Lint Out of the Dryer?” said my best friend, Jackie. “Can we talk? It was a long night,” I said, going on and on about my insomnia, sparing no details. You asked for it, babe. Can't Sleep “I couldn’t sleep. Nothing went right over the weekend. Lost car keys. Broken garage door. Fight with husband. Argument over homework with the kids,” I complained. “I just wanted to snuggle in bed and forget about the day, catch some serious shut-eye. But nooooooo.” “I know how you feel,” she said with a sigh. “Some days it’s impossible to clear your mind and go back to bed.” Mattress Lumpy … [Read more...]