9 Survival Tips for Parents of Teenage Boys

9 Survival Tips for Parents of Teenage Boys Stacey Gustafson

Is your teen the master of exaggeration? Are all his responses one syllable like "okay," "yeah" or "whatever"? Does he seem to speak in a foreign language? Congratulations you are the proud parents of a teenage boy! Here's a list of down-to-earth tips with ways to get you through the next few years, 9 Survival Tips for Parents of Teenage Boys. Give it a shot! Might as well have a little fun while you're at it. Never Look Directly in the Eyes Look to the right or left of the head, above the eyes, eyebrows or the forehead but whatever you do, never stare directly into the eyes. Like staring into the eye of Slytherin’s Basilisk in Harry Potter movies, eyes have the power to instantly kill … [Read more...]

Unlock the Secret of Who Did Deflate Gate

Unlock the Secret of who did deflate gate stacey gustafson

Deflate Gate Are you sick of hearing about the NFL investigation against the New England Patriots, unofficially called Deflate Gate? The NFL believes that the Patriots used under-inflated footballs in the first half of Sunday's game against the Indianapolis Colts. For God's sake, even Bill Nye the Science Guy's getting involved in the scandal. Now I don't know much about football as anyone who knows me will attest to but I do know a lot about statistics. There's practically a zero probability that 11 out of 12 footballs were accidentally deflated. Come on Patriots, how stupid do we look? Watch below for the secret of who did deflate gate. *This YouTube video was created by Ryan … [Read more...]

Top 9 Lessons from the Bachelor for Daughters

Top 9 Lessons from the Bachelor for Daughters Stacey Gustafson

Criticize me if you will, but my guilty pleasure is watching the Bachelor and the Bachelorette with my daughter since 2002. It’s my way to teach my daughter dating advice, “Top 9 Lessons from the Bachelor for Daughters.” This season, 33-year-old Chris Soules, a farmer from Iowa, aptly named Price Farming, tries to pick a mate from 30 contestants fighting for his err…heart and other things. Why Jimmy Kimmel? For reasons unknown, the producers decided to add Jimmy Kimmel to the mix. He sabotaged dates, asked uncomfortable questions, made strange comments and most importantly, almost ruined my reason for watching the Bachelor. Thanks Jimmy, you succeeded in making me feel stupid and … [Read more...]

Exercise Daily, Eat Wisely, Die Anyway

Exercise daily, eat wisely, die anyway Stacey Gustafson

My guest blogger for January is humorist Camille DeFer Thompson. She has a quirky take on life and finds the funny in every day things. She really cracks me up! Exercise Daily, Eat Wisely, Die Anyway I never would have retired if I had known I had to stay active, exercise daily and eat wisely. At my last check-up, my GP admonished me to add some exercise to my sedentary lifestyle. I failed in my attempt to convince him that I get a daily workout climbing the stairs in the house umpteen times retrieving things I forgot. To shut him up, I joined the low-impact aerobics class at the local senior center. Easy peasy, I thought. After all, I’m only a whisper past my fifties. Heck, I … [Read more...]

How to Avoid a Paranormal New Year’s Eve

How to Avoid a Paranormal New Year's Eve Stacey Gustafson

New Year's Eve Back in 2000, my husband and I attended our last big bash, The Millennial New Year’s Eve Party, a black tie event with sit down dinner and fireworks included. Since then, it’s been nothing but sitting around watching Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve television special. However, I can vicariously live through my 70 year-old mother’s experiences. She’s never one to miss a good party and lives it up each year in ways ranging from wonderful and near fatal to strange and surreal. Auto Vs. Beast Last year Mom and her fiancé grabbed a horse drawn carriage ride in downtown St. Louis to see the Christmas lights at midnight. Sounds like a romantic way to … [Read more...]