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Angel Bumps: Hello From Heaven Stacey GustafsonI’m thrilled to introduce my dear friend and funny lady, Anne Bardsley. We share a similar sense of humor, not afraid to perform stand-up and love to tease our family members. She’s released her new book, Angel Bumps: Hello from Heaven and I want to share it with you.

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Take a deep breath and hold onto your heart because you are going on an emotion, spiritual, and loving journey. You will laugh. You will cry. Each author in Angel Bumps shares a sign from Heaven that reassured them that their love one is still near in spirit. After reading Angel Bumps, you may want to keep your eyes open. Your Angel Bump can come when you least expect it.

Let’s take a sneak peek inside Angel Bumps: Hello from Heaven.

Angel Bumps: Hello From Heaven

Nan Meets Arlo

Angel Bumps: Hello From Heaven Stacey GustafsonMy daughter, Jamie, lives in Colorado. She called me to say, “Mom, Nan is in Colorado today.” I laughed because my mom passed away sixteen years ago.

“No, really, Mom,” Jamie insisted. “Arlo has been playing with a little white butterfly for half an hour.”

When my mom passed away, I was a mess. I was in tears driving to work when I asked her to give me a sign. Within minutes, my car was surrounded in white butterflies.

A white butterfly still shows up on special occasions and when I miss her.

Arlo is my two and half year-old grandson. He has piercing blue eyes and a head of blonde curls. He is a little guy with a huge personality. He likes to wear an Irish cap just like my dad used to wear. Other days, he wears a cowboy hat. He also never leaves the house without his sunglasses.

His imagination runs wild. Some days he is Bob the Builder, a fisherman, a jet pilot all within an hour. Within the next hour, he is performing “surgry” to remove germs. When his patients ask if they need to worry, he tells them “Yes, you should be very worried, but I will fix you.” As he says those words, he pats his patient’s arm for comfort.

Playing Tag with a Butterfly

Jamie was excited, as she continued her story. “They’re playing tag. At first, he was chasing the butterfly, and it went behind the tree like it was hiding. Then, when Arlo ran around the tree in the opposite direction, it flew out chasing him. It’s been the funniest thing to watch, and it’s still going on! Arlo’s doubled over with laughter. The butterfly soars high, then low, then even between his legs, but he can never quite catch it. I think Nan is loving this too.”

I could hear him cackling in the background. He has a contagious laugh. My daughter and I both giggled.

“I called him over to sit for a minute and calm down,” my daughter continued. “His cheeks were rosy from all the running. I asked, ‘Do you like the butterfly?’ and he looked at me, wrinkled his face, and said, ‘Not a buffer fly.’”

“Of course, it’s a butterfly,” I told him.

“He put his hands on his hips, shook his head, and loudly said, ‘It’s not a buffer fly! It’s Nan.’” It was the first time he’d ever said her name.

There is a belief that children are more aware of the spiritual world because they are so open and pure. As they grow older, they can lose that connection in our busy world. I am happy to report that Arlo is still open and pure to the spirit world.

The funny thing was that Arlo had obviously never met his great-grandmother, Nan. Or at least I thought he hadn’t, until that day.

Reviews for Angel Bumps: Hello from Heaven

  • Anne Bardsley’s book will make a believer of even the most extreme skeptic…in the best way possible. This compilation of stories does actually give me chills/bumps as I read each individual’s story of experiences after losing a loved one. We’ve all lost loved ones. We can all find comfort in this beautiful collection. A must read!
  • What an amazingly creative book, about something many of us have experienced but never shared. This book was enlightening, warm and engaging. Importantly, it provided a normalizing factor letting me know I wasn’t alone. With that, it validated some wonderful connections I have had with lost loved ones. I totally enjoyed the stories about how those Bumps happened not only when we needed them, but also other times when we least expect it. No doubt I will go back and read some of the stories again, because they are just that good!!


  • I highly recommend this book. There are wonderful stories about Angel visits from Heaven. I personally have a wonderful story that is part of this book.
    If you have lost a loved one, it is wonderful to know that there are messages we receive from our loved ones that have passed. These stories reaffirm our love from our Angels in Heaven. Thank you Anne Bardsley for writing this book.


  • Anne Bardsley has compiled a beautiful book of essays detailing the co-authors’ various experiences with loved ones in this heartfelt and touching
    For anyone who has lost a loved one, Angel Bumps serves as a comfort and a reminder that we are not alone, and that our loved ones
    are with us always…sometimes spiritually tapping us on the shoulder.

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About Anne Bardsley

Angel Bumps: Hello From Heaven Stacey GustafsonAnne Bardsley is a blogger and author. Her first book, How I Earned My Wrinkles, Musings on Marriage, Motherhood and Menopause received five star reviews. Her second book Angel Bumps, Hello From Heaven hit Amazon’s #1 Hot New Release.

Her work has been featured on Erma Bombeck, Scary Mommy, Very Funny Women, The Grand Magazine, Paradise News, Island Reporter, Feisty After 45, The MoJo Journals and many more. She lives in St Petersburg, Florida with her “wrinkle maker husband” of forty years. She is still looking for a chocolate pill that will firm her thighs.

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