Drug Bust Turns to Comedy Gold. Facebook Goes Crazy!

Did you ever think the results of a drug bust could turn into the funniest Facebook post in the history of social media? My friend, Crystal, summed it up. “I’ve seen bigger busts on Paw Patrol.”

On December 5, KTRE-TV in Tenaha, TX posted on their Facebook site a picture of four police offices with the loot collected after a drug bust proudly displayed on a table. The following comments were some of the funniest I’ve ever seen. Pure comedy gold.

According to their Facebook post, “Officers with the Tenaha Police Department arrested three people on felony drug charges Monday after they executed a search warrant on a home and found marijuana, prescription pills, drug paraphernalia, packaging materials, guns, and cash.”

Then the post exploded across Facebook, 93,000 comments and 80,197 shares. You be the judge!


Watch the video for more comments like these…

  • “Did they raid a drug dealers den or a college dorm?”
  • “Netflix is already contacting them about Narcos Season 16.”
  • “Who was the drug dealer, El Cheapo?”
  • “Congratulations! You found some Easter basket grass.”
  • “So are we going to pretend like this drug dealer was selling some bootleg golden snitches?”
  • “Sick. This is Playskool’s My Frist Dealer set.”

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