“Find Your Funny” Guest Post by Barb Best

Find Your Funny Guest Post by Barb Best stacey gustafsonI’m thrilled to feature one of my favorite authors and bloggers, Barb Best. I had the privilege of meeting her at an Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop back in 2014 and we’ve been great friends ever since. Her sense of humor really cracks me up. She released an exciting and essential book, Find Your Funny: The Humor Survival Guide. Want to laugh more? Want your kids to laugh too? It’s a fun back-to-school book.

Find Your Funny: The Humor Survival Guide

This entertaining and helpful guide, co-written by a psychotherapist and a comedy writer, may be just what your family needs to take on the new school year with gusto.

Learn how to develop a robust sense of humor, identify what types of humor and comedy make you laugh, empower yourself with the positivity of humor, enjoy the physical, psychological, and emotional benefits of laughter + share your humor to connect with others and make new friends. Includes: “Got Laughter?” Quiz, Cool Comedy Pages, and Fun Facts!

Take a sneak peek inside Find Your Funny: The Humor Survival Guide.


Do you enjoy comedy? Do you like to laugh? Would you like to laugh more? This book will show you how to increase the level of fun and happiness in your life by sharpening your humor skills. You will discover how to find the funny both in your world and, more importantly, in yourself. You will learn how to use humor to deal with stressful and difficult situations. Did you know that humor is a cool power tool that can help zap negative thoughts, behaviors and attitudes?

Why should you care about having more humor and laughter in your life? Good question. Developing a robust sense of humor is an important part of creating and sustaining happiness. Happiness feels good, so much better than being miserable. Smiling beats crying. Rocking with laughter is preferable to rolling on the floor blubbering.

Laughter Has a Positive Effect on Health

Guess what? Research shows that laughter, humor and happiness have a positive effect on your physical, psychological and emotional health. Humor helps you connect socially. It helps you make friends and get along better with the ones you already have. And it’s a great way to de- escalate a tense situation. Maybe you’ve even used it to get your parents to chill when they’re up in your grill about something. Wouldn’t it be great to see the humor in really annoying situations instead of losing it?

Finding your funny won’t make all your problems disappear, but developing humor skills will help you cope with difficult times in your life. Don’t worryit’s not about making you into someone who fakes being happy all the time.

Happy People Cope with Negative Emotions More Effectively

Negative emotions are normal and appropriate in many situations. If you can learn to manage them more successfully, you will be happier and have more fun . . . and if you are happier, you will cope with your negative emotions and difficult problems more effectively. It’s a positive feedback loop, a virtuous circle, a self-fulfilling prophecy, and a heck of a lot better than running in circles like a caged rat on a treadmill. Whew!

Find Your Funny will empower you by increasing your competence in a vital life skillhumor. It’s as important as healthy eating, exercise, sleep and texting under the table. Free yourself to be playful and have fun. Loosen up. Get silly. Slip and slide out of your comfort zone. You will not only find your funny; you will build emotional muscle and strengthen your funny bone. Here’s to laughter!

Reviews for Find Your Funny: The Humor Survival Guide

“This book is a “must read” for every teenager who wants to put more fun and laughter into their life. It is incredibly funny and enormously practical at the same time. This gem of a book can truly change the world by sharing with teens the joyful gift of laughter and by empowering them to develop humor as a vital coping skill. This book has my highest recommendation as a resource for teens, tweens and for adults who are young at heart.” Mary Kay Morrison, President, AATH: Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor; Founder: Humor Quest; Author: Using Humor To Maximize Living: Connecting with Humor

Find Your Funny: The Humor Survival Guide is packed with laughter fun-facts and practical tips on how to flex your humor muscles. One of the most important aspects of this book is the support the authors provide to help teens cope with and manage negative emotions.” Christa Scalies, Founder, Giggle On®, Advocate for laughter as a wellness tool for improved mental, spiritual, physical and emotional health + Author of Suicide Sucks

“I wish I had this book when I was younger. It’s fun, uplifting, and positive. And I love the Cool Comedy Pages in the middle.” Suzanne Raga, Author of YOU ROCK! How To Be A Star Student & Still Have Fun!

Finding the Funny Guest Post by Barb BestOther Books by Barb Best: The Misery Manifesto: A Self-Help Parody for the Self-Absorbed

A parody on happiness that will delight you! With cartoons by Roz Chast, Liza Donnelly, and Andrew Genn. Self-help sucks! Self-absorbed attempts to be happy are WORK. Why eat kale, exercise to the bone, and embark on a “thoughtful, engaging, and compelling” pursuit of happiness when kvetching a blue streak works wonders on your lousy mood?

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2BkjbjW

Find Your Funny Guest Post by Barb Best stacey gustafsonABOUT BARB BEST

Barb’s fun blog “I Feel Your Pain” appears at BarbBest.com – and woo hoo – it was named by Feedspot as one of the “Top 100 Humor Blogs on the Planet.” Her comedy material has been performed by Joan Rivers and her essays and light verse have been published in numerous print and digital publications. Be sure to boost your feel-good hormones by treating yourself to Barb’s latest book The Misery Manifesto: A Self-Help Parody for the Self-Absorbed. Did you know? She’s an Erma Bombeck Global Humor Winner.


Joanne Jackal, PhD is a psychotherapist with more than twenty-five years experience treating children, adolescents, and young adults for behavioral issues and substance abuse. A former stand-up comedienne, her mantra is, “Who says therapy can’t be fun?”

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  1. One of my all-time favorite books. If you have a teenager-this is a great gift!

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