9 Funny Ways My Daughter Turned Me Into a Sorority Girl

9 Funny Ways My Daughter Turned Me Into a Sorority Girl Stacey Gustafson

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This summer, I was overjoyed to spend time with my college daughter. We stayed up all night talking about her college adventures and by summer’s end, we were sharing clothes and beauty tips. Soon I realized that I had turned into her college sorority buddy.

9 Funny Ways My Daughter Turned Me Into a Sorority Girl

  1. Late Night Movies – I enjoy a good movie like the next guy, but lowered my standards this summer to watch teenage girl tearjerkers until the wee hours. When she was away at college, I slipped under the covers by 10:30 sharp. Now, if she asked, “Want to watch The Notebook?” I was hooked. Popping in a movie after 11p.m. became a regular thing. Going to bed after 2 a.m. and sleeping until 10 a.m., no problem. Gotta love college hours!
  2. Bachelorette Gossip– She got me hooked on Bachelorette Season 10. I couldn’t get enough of it. We’d break down the dates like a lawyer. “Do you think he’s right for her?” “He’s a piece of work.” “He’s going to break her heart.” “Do you think she had any plastic surgery?” “She’s definitely put on weight since the first show.”


  1. Victoria Secrets – When mall shopping with a college girl, Victoria Secrets was a mandatory stop. While I may not be able to find the right size, I sure do like to look but I have a few questions for Victoria Secrets. What the heck are Cheekies and Cheekinis? Is a thong wrong? How is a V-string different than a G-string? Do you sell flannel?
  2. Late coffee runs – If I’m going to stay up until 2 a.m., I’m going to need refreshments. A double cappuccino does the trick to insure that I am still wide eyed at 4 a.m.
  3. Freshman 15 – Eating late at night and watching television can put the pounds on an old gal. My daughter may be able to go back to school, but I’m stuck wearing old sweatpants and calorie counting until Thanksgiving break.
  4. Hair and nails – Before she went to college, I never really cared about gel polish and Moroccan oil. But in order to look less like the frumpy mom and more like the cool friend, I had to keep up with her beauty regimen. And yes, I would like a jewel stone on my pinky.
  5. Ask daughter’s opinion on everything – “Hey, want do you think about my new hair style?” “What goes better with these jeans, boots or sneakers?” “Does this iPhone make my butt look big?” I couldn’t make a move without her two cents.
  6. Hands on Hip –I can no longer pose for a picture without putting my hand on my hip. Why am I doing this? I look like a teapot. Have you ever seen a guy do this? Of course not. I’m blaming my 19-year-old daughter.
  7. Take selfies – They say that if you take more than 3 selfies a day, you have selfitis. Call me what you will, I can’t get enough of the selfies. My iPhone’s overloaded with photos of me. “Oh, I look good,” I post to Facebook. “That’s so cute,” I post on Instagram. “Look at me!” I post on Snapchat (if only I could figure out what the hell it is.)


Has your daughter turned you into a college girl? Let’s share!

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  1. Too funny! My 21 year old daughter and I spend enough time together that I understand your plight all too well.
    The only thing I’m not sure of is what the heck all those secret Secret panties are…

  2. Loved this one! You actually had me wishing I had a teenage daughter again!

  3. I think we’re in the same sorority! Now, to get rid of the Freshman 15…

  4. Hilarious! I loved this and have to admit–I too have a sorority girl and have started putting my hand on my hip in photos. And stand slightly to the side–so flattering in selfies.

  5. If we get to relive college days through our kids, then I’m really looking forward to my own daughter getting there real soon! Well, I don’t want her to grow up too fast, so this is mostly me being selfish I guess. Also, I will probably pass on the Victoria’s Secret trips. I was asked to leave last time anyway, and I’m not sure if I was banned or not. Hey, that stuff is confusing and I had a LOT of questions! A grown man can’t buy sexy crap for his wife to put in a drawer and never wear? That’s a shame.

  6. When I first heard of Cheekies, I think they were being referred to as “Cheeksters.” Which I just thought was the absolutely unsexiest most ridiculous name for sexy underwear EVER. Apparently I wasn’t the only one, because it seems they’re not called that anymore.

    • staceygustafson says

      All I know, at my age, if it has the work cheek in it, I better stay far away. I don’t want to bring attention to a big butt!

  7. My daughter will be a college freshman next September. One more year to prepare for it. Hopefully I’ll handle it as great as you have!

    • staceygustafson says

      It’s fun to hang out with your daughter during the summer. We are great friends and laugh a lot. Best wishes for an awesome experience. Text often and send care packages.

  8. I am there with you on the Victoria’s Secret thing. Why do my kids have sexier, nicer, more expensive unmentionables than I do? They are still teenagers, for God’s sake! I’m a frump in granny panties. Perhaps I will be able to afford VS when the kids move out!

  9. I was chuckling at every sentence. Although, I don’t have a daughter … I have sisters. And this sounds exactly like our relationship!

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