April Fool’s Prank Amateurs Need Not Apply

Stacey GustafsonOne thing I know for certain, the key to a successful April Fool’s prank involves knowing your victims’ routine.  Amateurs need not apply.

Our friend, Scott, told my husband and me that his wife hit a deer on a country back road driving home from the work.  We quizzed him for all the details in order to set the trap. Then we asked him to make sure Casey answered the phone the next day.

“Mrs. S, this is Officer Smedley with the Fulton County Police,” said my husband over the telephone in his best impersonation of a southern accent.  “I understand you hit a deer yesterday on U.S. Route 19 around 7:00 p.m.”

“Um, yes,” said Casey, clearing her throat.

She sounds as nervous as a pig at a barbeque.

“I’m sorry to inform you, Ma’am, but per Georgia code, you are wanted for arrest due to the abandonment and mistreatment of animals, Article 1.2A.  You must turn yourself in to the nearest police department by 8:00 a.m. and pay for cleanup.” He said with a sigh, “Was there any deer slobber?”

“Yes, there was slobber on the front windshield but I thought the deer ran off.”

“You’re going to have to come into the station so we can get a good look at that deer slobber.”

“Uh, okay,” she said with a shaky voice.Stacey Gustafson

Fearful that he may have gone too far, he said without the drawl, “Casey, it’s Mike.  April Fools!”

“Oh my god, I hate you!” she said with a gasp.

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What’s the greatest prank you ever played on a friend or foe?  Leave a comment to share.


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  1. You and your husband are pure evil!! With your list I’m set for next year. I just have to decide who my victims will be. Hmm, I wonder if I could catch Stacey. That would be a coup.

  2. So cruel, but too funny! Deer slobber! Great!

  3. I’m changing my phone number…great article.

  4. Original. Also a little scary. Thanks for sharing this.

    Author of You Want Me to Do WHAT? Journaling for Caregivers

  5. Carol Jones says


    Can’t believe Mike placed the call! I thought he was a nice guy!! :))
    Of course, you were behind this one as well. Great story!

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