Why Blue Apron Stressed Me Out

This is what I know: my mother has a big heart, a great sense of humor and returns every singleBlue Apron Stressed Me Out Stacey Gustafson present she has ever received by rationalizing it’s too expensive, too extravagant or just too. But for the first time, I believed I found the perfect gift for my mom, one she would be hard pressed to return, free meals. Is it possible Blue Apron stressed me out?

Sending Blue Apron to Mom

I sent my mom Blue Apron, a popular meal kit delivery services. For several months, my husband and I used this delivery service with fantastic results. It provided fresh pre-portioned ingredients to your doorstep with the spices necessary to prepare homemade quality meals in 25 minutes or less. What’s not to love?

I was anxious to share my experience with my mother. “Mom, I’m cooking decent meals again,” I said during our regular phone call. “Mike loves Blue Apron.”

“Tell me more,” she said, shushing her boyfriend in the background to be quiet.Blue Apron Stressed Me Out Stacey Gustafson

On and on I shared my foray into exotic dinners. Roasted pork and summer succotash, scrumptious. Pan-friend Françoise-style chicken, easy peesy. Hoisin beef and vegetable stir-fry, time to call Chef Ramsey.

She said, “Sounds so yummy. Email me the information.” I sent her the Blue Apron website and even attached pictures of our lavish meals.

Next, I sent her a trial box and reasoned that with her boyfriend, together they could prepare healthy meals in record time. No more last minute jaunts to the grocery store.

Boy was I wrong.

“How’s it going Mom? Did you get my package?” I said by phone, waiting for her to express her gratitude.

Blue Apron Causes Stress?

“A big box sitting’s right here on the counter,” she said. “Says Blue Apron on the outside.”

“That’s it. Open it.”

“Why’s it so heavy? What’s in here?”

Geez, she’s acting like she got a package from al-Qaeda.

Blue Apron Stressed Me Out Stacey Gustafson“Oh, brother! It’s filled with ice packs, chicken, veges, everything you need to cook two meals,” I said, thinly masking my irritation. “Just open it.”

What’s with the attitude? She should be thanking me!

“What do you think?” I said after a moment of silence passed.

“Look. I can’t talk right now. Gotta figure out how to put all this crap into the refrigerator. Blue Apron stressed me out.” She clicked off without so much as a good-bye.

What’s the big deal, I thought? Throw the stuff in the refrigerator until you’re ready to make it. It’s as simple as it gets.

One month later…

“How were the meals?” I said through pursed lips.

“Oh, I never made them,” she said. “I put the meat in the freezer. Had to throw out most of the vegetables. Maybe when you come in town we’ll make it together.”

What the hell’s she talking about? I live 3,000 miles away.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

“Gosh mom. I wanted to do something nice for you.”

Blue Apron Stressed Me Out Stacey Gustafson“Well, I’m glad it worked out for YOU but all that food. The bags, the boxes. So many ice packs. What am I supposed to do with all that stuff?”

“Just follow the recycling instructions. No big deal.”

Seriously, woman, is this the hardest thing you’ve ever had to deal with?

“I appreciate the thought but please don’t send it again,” she said with a sigh. “Keep your money. Blue Apron stressed me out. I thought you said this was easy.”

Share your experience with Blue Apron.

Blue Apron is the best thing that happened to meal times. For more information, check out their website at https://www.blueapron.com

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  1. Loved it! Was going to write about it too but you beat me to it!

  2. Eugenia M. Murphy says

    Tell your lucky Mom to send it to me…I love Blue Apron…

    • staceygustafson says

      Glad to hear you have tried Blue Apron. Terrific company, great customer service and wonderful food. Enjoy!

  3. Sorry, Stace. Gotta side with your mom on this one! All that chopping, simmering, roasting! I’m stressed out just thinking about it. Saw a segment on a morning show rating the various meal delivery services. Evidently Munchery delivers meals fully prepared! Just heat and eat! That’s my kind of meal delivery! Gourmet Meals on Wheels! Great piece! You find the funny in everything! Love that!

    • staceygustafson says

      Easy as pie. We’d be eating spaghetti every night if we didn’t have Blue Apron. Come on, try it, you’ll like it!

  4. Hi Stacey, hope you are doing well. I really like Blue Apron. We are on week 2 and will stick with it until I find a reason to stop. I tried a similar service a few years ago when both boys were home. It didn’t work out. Once the boys wolfed down their meal they asked what was for the main course. The portions were too small. Funny story about your mom. I sometimes also get stressed when I see the box on the porch on Fridays. Keep the funny stories coming. Lea

    • staceygustafson says

      I used to cook only stuff the kids liked, stuck in a ground beef rut. Now Mike and I are eating lamb and salmon. And Brock announced he likes sushi. Why now? I’ll tell my mom you get stressed too.

  5. A friend loves a Blue Apron! I’ve eaten two or three of their meals and they’re delicious and creative. I like that the fresh herbs and spices are in small quantities–unlike what is at the grocery store. No one waste!! And if you keep doing it long enough you have a new recipe book!

  6. Intriguing. And I’m even more interested because your mom–wasn’t See how obnoxious I am?!

    • staceygustafson says

      It’s the unexpected moments that make the best stories. My mom is a little afraid to try new things.I won’t send Blue Apron to her again but maybe Pizza of the Month Club! Ha!

  7. I’m loving Blue Apron. It’s like date night, every night. I bought it for my parents, and then Dad sent me a coupon…and we’re hooked. I thought I was a pretty good cook, but I’m learning new stuff and I love having everything in one place. Coming from CA (and near Capay Valley, where much of the produce is sourced), I do think I could get some better produce from my backyard (not that their is bad, but ours is pretty amazing), and there is a bit of packaging…BUT I think I have less waste in terms of leftover food. It’s also set up really well to share the cooking. I get home earlier than my husband, so I start the prep, he does the meat, I open the bottle of wine, he does the dishes. Works out perfectly!

    • staceygustafson says

      Glad to hear you are living it. Our kids were finicky eaters and we would never have tried it when they were at home. Now that we are empty nesters, it’s working perfectly. I do the cooking, hubby does the clean up. Win, win. Plus we are going through our share of wine as well.

  8. I’m with your mom, Stacey. Blue Apron stressed me out. The husband and kid liked it because they got fed some gourmet meals, but it was a lot of work from receipt of the boxes (got to get home before the ice melts), to unloading and finding room in the fridge, to preparing the food before it got old. I’m going to stick with old favorites until I quit working full time and then some 🙂

    • staceygustafson says

      I had to do something before my family staged a protest due to meatloaf overdose.Blue Apron will wait for when you are ready!

  9. Lol! My Mom would have sent it back to me unopened with a new gift card from HER!! Hmmm, perhaps I should send her a trial, I have been dying to give Blue Apron a try.

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