College Interns Gone Wild Makes a Splash

College InternsAlthough these college interns may not be the “Interns Gone Wild” you usually hear about, there has been a lot of buzz about other interns. From the crafty FOX news kid who brought us Captain Sum Ting Wong and Wi Tu Lo to the interns suing companies like MSNBC and Saturday Night Live, college interns have been making quite a splash. These interns are doing the same by bringing something else to the table, a hilarious video that sheds new light on internships in general and theirs in particular. My daughter is one of the stars and with enough views, her team gets a $100 bonus! Watch it now!


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  1. Virginia Yale says

    Ashley was certainly the star of this video. She was so poised and well spoken that it’s hard to believe she just completed her first year of college! Good job Ashley.

    • staceygustafson says

      Thanks for checking out the video. The interns were the actors, took the video and edited the whole script. They just received 500 views and earned a $50 gift card and 1/2 day off. Big shout out to everyone for your help!

  2. Camille Thompson says

    Great video! Ashley is a natural in front of the camera! She’s got a great future ahead of her! You did good, Mom… 🙂

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