God Damned Disrespectful Teens Make Me Angry

Stacey Gustafson writerGuest Blogger, Don Mills, contributed this article. Read more about Don below.

Disrespectful Teens

The problem with young people today is that they have no respect for their elders.

Back when I was a sprog we were expected to be polite, respectful and afraid of old people. We said “please” and “thank you” and would never have dared to call an adult by their Christian name.

But these uppity youngsters today have no respect. They give you sass, lip, guff, guff lip, lip sass, sass lip and generally behave in a way that makes it unsafe for us older folks to venture outside of our homes for fear of teenage mockery, robbery, stupidity or worse.

Call Adults By First Name

But what really chaps my shorts is that first name business.

If I had ever called my neighbour “Millie,” instead of Mrs. Bodsworth, she would have tied me up with her apron strings and beaten me unconscious with a slotted spoon.

But with kids now it’s all “Bob” and “Carol” and “Ted” and “Alice” when talking with old folks.

And half the time you don’t even get a first name out of them. It’s “hey old dude” or “yo gramps, what’s up?” Well listen here assclown, I’m not your grampa and if I were it would be my cane that was up. Up cracking you across the disrespectful head.

This had better well stop or it won’t be long before young people will forget they are inferior and you’ll come home to find your paper boy is sitting in your armchair, reading your sports page, wearing you smoking jacket, drinking your scotch and french kissing your wife.

It’s damned well disgraceful and I want it to stop.

They have no respect for old people. That’s the problem with young people today.

Stacey Gustafson writerA little bit about Don Mllls—

A Google search for “teenagers” led me to Don Mills. His blog, The Problem With Young People Today, is hands-down the best blog I’ve ever read.  It’s sarcastic, current, hilarious, and witty.  I strongly recommend you click over to his site and fill up on stories that will cause you to laugh until you cry.  He makes it perfectly clear that he doesn’t “care for damned young people” because they mumble all the time, are video game addicts, godless heathens, sex fiends and much more. 

But be warned.  He replies to comments, but expects you to follow his rules like, “I reserve the right to edit, delete or drastically rewrite negative comments.” He doesn’t tolerate poor punctuation and emoticons “scare the hell out of me.” According to Don, if he has “blacklisted you from the blog chances are you’re a 16-21 year old male who doesn’t know when to stop. I’ve only done it once but I’m prepared to do it again if you insist on being a complete assclown and hijacking the conversation of sensible adults with your inane musings.”

Thanks, Don!  We applaud your sense of humor!!


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  1. Hi Stacey! Funny article! I finally have time to comment. I agree that we all grew up calling our elders Mr & Mrs —-. When we started our family, we lived in the southeast which still held on to that simple sign of respect. However, when we relocated to the northeast, our friends and other adults asked our children NOT to call them Mr & Mrs —-! THEY wanted to be called by their first name only because they claimed they were too young for that formality. Those names were reserved for their parents and in laws. I adopted my own rules and told them that I would have my kids call them Miss first name and Mr first name as a sign of respect. Maybe it’s the new compromise???

  2. I think it is the new normal. I always felt uncomfortable with my daughter calling adults by their first names, but all my friends and neighbors insisted on it. So much so that I started feeling more awkward than my own child.

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