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Stacey GustafsonHey, I’m in Not Your Mother’s Book…On Travel.  This is my third book in the NYMB series.  I’m thrilled, elated, and bounce-off-the-wall excited to share the news with you!!  It’s been a blast to be involved with terrific editors at Publishing Syndicate and meet great women like Dahlynn McKowen, CEO/publisher, and Terri Elders, co-creator.

Nothing beats a good book at the beach. Grab a copy of Not Your Mother’s Book…On Travel from Amazon by clicking the link,’ll be glad you did.

My friend, Julie Royce, wrote a wonderful book review on Wandering Educators this week. Here’s an excerpt from Julie’s article.

Travel Book Review by Julie Royce

The Perfect Book for Your Carry-On

A few days ago, my friend, Stacey Gustafson, gave me a copy of Not Your Mother’s Book…On OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATravel.  Stacey knows I write a monthly column for Wandering Educators and she thought I might enjoy the book when I head out on my next travel adventure. I couldn’t wait that long. Instead of packing the book for a month-long trip to the New England states, I devoured it in one evening, enjoying the entertaining, true-life stories so much that I had to share it with my followers at WE.

It’s the perfect take-along for any trip. To start, you can squeeze in a couple of short stories while waiting through security at the airport. Each time you are relegated to a line—and every trip brings dozens of those—you can savor another amusing tale. Instead of fuming over wasted time, you’ll find the queue moves faster, and your mood improves with each step. The format is perfect for reading in short spurts or longer intervals, and molds itself to your travel pleasure.

The volume On Travel includes chapter titles like “Keep an Open Mind,” “Anchors Away!,” “Planes, Trains and Automobiles,” and “Wake-Up Call.” The humor will keep you turning pages and smiling until the last word.

Not Your Mother's Book...On TravelOf course, I first flipped to Stacey Gustafson’s story, “War in Skies.” My giggling brought my husband into the den to see what was causing the ruckus. Stacey shared her hilarious strategies to survive flying. Hoping for a couple of skinny folks to share her row on the plane, she is kicked out of the seat she coveted, and finds herself plopped next to Big Guy, the doppelganger of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. She endures the behemoth invading her itsy-bitsy amount of space for the entire flight. The ending brought a belly laugh. I realized I’d seen that fellow before.

Check out the rest of her review on Wandering Educators by clicking on the link below:

Julie Albrecht Royce, Travel Adventures Editor, is the author of Traveling Michigan’s Sunset Coast and Traveling Michigan’s Thumb, both published by Thunder Bay Press. She writes a monthly column for Read Julie’s latest novel, PILZ, the legal thriller novel. You can find it on Amazon:

For more, follow her blog at .

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  1. What a great review for Stacey’s book. The part about Dwayne Johnson made me laugh out loud.

  2. Stacey, it really was a fun read so I was delighted to be able to share something with my readers that I knew they’d love. It was like I gave them a special little gift.

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