Pleasanton Authors at Towne Center Books 6/26 7-8 PM

Stacey GustafsonCelebrate Local Authors Event

Please join me at Towne Center Books in downtown Pleasanton on Wednesday, June 26 at 7- 8 PM.

Spend the evening with our local authors. They will sign books and chat about their literary experiences. We will have delicious refreshments, and fascinating conversations. Authors Stacey Gustafson, Shelley Riley, Helene Wecker and Washington Osiro will be here to celebrate!

More about the authors

Stacey Gustafson will discuss Not Your Mother’s Book…On Travel.  She is going explain theStacey Gustafson publishing process for this exciting new series and offer a few tricks to increase your odds of being published with Publishing Syndicate.

Stacey Gustafson has a humor column, “Are You Kidding Me?” Her stories are published in Chicken Soup for the Soul and Not Your Mother’s Book…On Being a Woman, Travel, Parent and Home Improvement. Her work appears in Generation Fabulous, ZestNow, and More Magazine.  She lives in California with her husband and two teenagers that provide her with an endless supply of inspiration. She writes about parenting and daily frustrations like her dislike of laundry, the DMV, and being middle-aged.

Shelley-Riley-Photo-150x150Married to a jockey, Shelley Riley learned her trade as a trainer in the competitive, male-dominated sport of horse racing while she attended California State University, Sacramento. She later wrote feature articles for the Tri-Valley Herald and, after assembling her notes, photos and the many news articles that were published on the acclaimed stakes-winner in her former racing stable, she produced Casual Lies – A Triple Crown Adventure. For more, check out her website at and blog at 

Washington Osiro

Washington Osiro discusses his novel, Wuodha: My Journey from Kenya to these United States.  Washington introduces his best friends from school to his father whose shocking and harsh but eventually prescient response to the introduction reveals a post-independent Kenyan society that is markedly different from the one the son has hitherto shared with the friends. The father’s brutal honesty leaves an indelible mark on the little boy’s psyche and sets Washington off on a long and oftentimes arduous journey that takes him from the rural, familiar and safe albeit hardy surroundings of Apondo, Nyanza, Kenya to the sandy beaches of San Diego, Southern California, finally settling him in the world-famous climes of Silicon Valley, Northern California. Washington repeats a journey first undertaken by thousands in the 1700s: A journey that became an annual ritual for millions thereafter; all in their pursuit of their dream; their American Dream.

Helene WeckerHelene Wecker grew up in Libertyville, Illinois, a small town north of Chicago, and received her Bachelor’s in English from Carleton College in Minnesota. After graduating, she worked a number of marketing and communications jobs in Minneapolis and Seattle before deciding to return to her first love, fiction writing. Accordingly, she moved to New York to pursue a Master’s in fiction at Columbia University.

The Golem and the JinniShe now lives near San Francisco with her husband and daughter. Her first novel, THE GOLEM AND THE JINNI, will be published in April 2013 by HarperCollins.


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  1. Pat Nelson says

    I am happy to share some great news. Stacey Gustafson’s story “Mr. Know-It-All” has been chosen to appear in the anthology “Not Your Mother’s Book . . . On Being a Parent,” scheduled for release September 10, 2013. Congratulations, Stacey! It’s a funny book, and Stacey knows humor!

    • staceygustafson says

      You are the best. Thanks for helping me fulfill my dream of being published. More stories are on the way for other titles in the NYMB series.

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