Quarantine (Not So Useless) Survival Skills

Quarantine (Not so useless) Skills Need to Survive Stacey GustafsonWho would have thought I’d be so productive after 33 days of quarantine? Since March 16, I’ve organized my canned goods from small to large, watched 12 videos on how to cut my own hair and learned how to whistle with two fingers. But when I attempted to Marie Kondo my closets, I discovered it wasn’t that I didn’t have time to clean closets, it was that I didn’t want to.

At this point, after four weeks of quarantine, I’m bored of myself. And I realized that I don’t know how to do a damn thing and needed to gain a few skills.

How to cut dog hair

Our dog’s hypoallergenic shaggy coat soon it would be flat and matted by week six. Since the dog groomer was closed due to shelter in place, it would be up to me to keep his curly locks manageable. I purchased a pet grooming kit and watched dog-grooming videos to get prepared. And as a plus, I can cut my husband’s hair with the same tool.

How to make licorice

Ever had a craving that you had to satisfy? For me, that was licorice and I needed black, red or brown licorice ASAP. I’d avoided grocery stores for non-essentials yet my craving wouldn’t go away. I searched YouTube to find out if you could make your own licorice and guess what? You can. Unfortunately, I had sweetened condensed milk on hand but not Himalayan pink salt. This would have to wait for a future date. It would be fun!

Licorice recipe: https://www.diynatural.com/how-to-make-homemade-licorice-recipe/

How to unclog a toilet

In my family, I’m a notorious toilet clogger. Why use a little toilet paper when a lot is better? Therefore, during these uncertain times, knowning how to unclog a toilet would be a necessary life skill. Plumbers were up to their elbows trying to fish wet wipes out of toilets across the nation. A simple clog would not warrant an appointment. This was an essential skill.

How to Host a Video Meeting

Zoom used to be a way for people to interact with co-workers or employers when face-to-face meetings were not possible. Since the Shelter-In-Place, it’s been a way that anyone can connect virtually with friend and family. It’s an essential tool to overcome feelings of isolation. Its tier one basic service is free. You can hold an unlimited number of meetings, up to at 40 minutes in length.


How to make dog food or cat food

Recently, our older senior day stopped eating for no apparent reason. Whether this had to do with boredom was unclear. I tried giving him baked chicken and rice but realized he wasn’t getting the nutrition he needed.

How to make dog food on YouTube were simple to learn. It was easy to cook up a delicious meal for your dog, or one that you could eat in case of a food shortage during shelter in place!

What skills do you need to survive the shelter in place?

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