Reasons Why We Love Dogs

Reasons Why We Love Dogs Stacey Gustafson

Our Dog Stanley

Did you know why we really do love dogs as much as we love our children? It’s a scientific fact. According to, “New research shows that when our canine pals stare into our eyes, they activate the same hormonal response that bonds us to human infants.”

Why We Love Dogs

Move over Grumpy Cat, dog videos are starting to dominate the Internet. Who hasn’t noticed Bo the Pomeranian with over 17 million Facebook likes? Or Marnie, the Shih Tzu sporting a dangling tongue out of the corner of her mouth? This is why we love dogs!

Who doesn’t remember loving Lassie, Snoopy from Peanut’s comic strip, Toto from the Wizard of Oz, and Scooby-Doo? Even the Obama family got into the action with their “First Pets” Bo and Sunny, beloved Portuguese water dogs. Big dogs, little dogs, cartoon dogs, why we love dogs of all shapes and sizes!


Why We Love Dogs

Clean the Floor

With a whistle, man’s best friend comes rushing to our rescue. No spill is too messy for Rover. From leftovers to bits of cookie dough, with a twitch of his ears, he laps up the mess without complaint.


Need a buddy to take a nap with? Look no further than your trusty companion. With a pat on the sofa, your pet leaps to action, ready to snuggle down as long as you need to decompress from a difficult day at work.

Why We Love Dogs

Daily Greeting

Feeling down after a hard day? The moment you open the door, your pet is waiting and wagging his tail. Joyful to a fault, a canine’s enthusiasm is beyond reproach. Dogs lose their minds when you return home, jumping up and down, licking your face to express their happiness.

Make Us Laugh

You can’t help laughing as Fido rolls over and over, twisting and turning around in a pile of laundry. Or what about the way man’s best friends hangs his head out your car window, ears flying in the wind. Does your dog bark at other dogs on the television? Hilarious.

Listen to Our Problems

Who needs a shrink when you have Rover? When you have a dog, you have a buddy that will hear you out, therapy session free of charge.

My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am. Author Unknown


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