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1959516_10151986615451129_1692079914_nI met David Congalton, Hollywood screenwriter and talk radio personality, at the monthly Tri-Valley Writers meeting. He shared his experience on “Tips to Make a Screenplay into Movie.” His first feature screenplay, Authors Anonymous, staring Kaley Cuoco, is a hilarious and honest look at writers’ critique groups.

Authors Anonymous

According to his handout, Authors Anonymous is about a weekly read-and-critique group of unpublished writers chasing literary dreams and supporting one another. Things become complicate when one member suddenly snags an agent, a book deal, and a movie deal, and a very famous admirer in quick succession.

Grab a popcorn and snuggle up for a lighthearted evening of laughter. Here’s a sneak preview.

David also discussed the importance of “Write What You Know” and networking. He said, “Whatever limited success I have enjoyed is drawn from personal connection. Networking remains the best way through the door.”

His presentation was humorous and riveting. Did you know that the odds of having your Hollywood script produced is 1:5,000? David’s either incredibly lucky or extremely talented. It became clear after his presentation that years of hard work, perseverance and the ability to go with the flow lead to his success.

More About David Congalton

How to make movie into screenplay - authors anonymous stacey gustafson

David Congalton is a radio talk show host and writer who spent 25 years chasing his dream of selling a script to Hollywood. The result was a 2014 feature film comedy Authors Anonymous, starring Kaley Cuoco, Chris Klein, Teri Polo, and the late Dennis Farina as members of a dysfunctional writing critique group. Congalton’s second feature film screenplay Seven Sisters is slated to go into production in early 2015 with director Danny Leiner.

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