I Want Sister Wives for Valentine’s Day

Sister Wives for Valentine's day

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Sister Wives for Valentine’s Day

What do I want for Valentine’s Day? Sister Wives! If you’re like me, you need Sister Wives to help out around the house, relieve stress, do the shopping.

I’m a big fan of Sister Wives, a reality show in its fourth season on TLC. It snuck up and shocked viewers despite the lack of bad language, sex and fighting. It’s about the Brown Family, Kody and his four wives: Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn. They’re Fundamentalist Mormons: one husband, four wives and 17 children living in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Brown’s are fascinating


After watching for a year, I realized the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day would be Sister Wives. Let me explain.Sister Wives for Valentines day

  1. Help with Chores - The Brown Family rarely fights over who does the household duties like laundry, cooking or yard work. Each kids has an assigned job in the family. Try that on a traditional family of four. My kids are still arguing over whose turn it is to walk the dog this week. Sick of doing laundry? Ask someone else to help. Tired of cooking? Swap jobs with another sister wife.
  2. Friends with Babysitting Benefits – Everybody shares childrearing responsibilities. In Nevada, that’s a cost savings of $9,608. And with four wives, there’s always a new baby on board. Need a sitter for an evening out? Look no further than your cul-du-sac. If you’re having a date night with the only man in the bunch, that means your neighbors are free, built-in babysitters. Who can say no to that?
  3. Multi-Income Family – In a partnership between five adults, pooling your income together just makes sense. Want to be a stay-at-home mom? No problem. Kody works full-time as an advertising exec, Janelle works at a government job and as a family they sell jewelry online at My Sisterwife’s Closet. Add a hefty income from TLC and a book deal. No problem paying for college tuition either in this 21-person family.
  4. IKEA – Need an assist shopping at the largest furniture store in the universe? Sister Wives can help with the heavy lifting and navigate the aisles. With four houses to furnish, they’re experts. I bet they’ll assemble the KRITTER bed or HJUVIK kitchen faucet in a flash. Kom igen då, subba.
  5. Sex – Kody rotates conjugal visits between the wives every 3-4 days. They say this system Sister Wives for Valentines dayworks, gives them the “me” time they crave. Now I’m not into sharing but I do like my free time! Hey, Kody! Call me.

Who can say no to built-in BFF’s, an even division of chores between wives and a little more “me” time? Works for me!

The Brown Family is very modern and you can catch up with them via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or their blogs. Check out Kody Brown Family website at http://www.kodybrownfamily.com/

Brown Family Tree http://www.kodybrownfamily.com/meet-the-brown/family-tree/

Brown Family Tree






1 Kody Brown married to four wives father to 14 children; step-father to 3 January 17, 1969
2 Meri Brown first wife has one daughter January 16, 1971
3 Janelle Brown second wife has six children; two daughters, four sons May 6, 1969
4 Christine Brown third wife has six children; five daughters, one son April 18, 1972
5 Robyn Brown fourth wife has four children; two daughters, two sons(three of the four are from her first marriage.) October 9, 1978


What do you want Sister Wives for Valentine’s Day? Leave me a comment. I’ll forward it to your loved one!

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  1. IKEA help? Sign me up!
    I’ll pass on the conjugal visits from that guy though. No thank you!

  2. I must admit that this show totally took me by surprise. The women are simply fascinating to me. Cody reminds me of the stoner/surfers from my high school days in the 70s. I don’t like to share either but this bunch makes it look like a good deal all around.

    • staceygustafson says:

      I can’t take my eyes off the show. They make it look like a good idea. Kodi is a little yucky! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hi Stacy! I really not the “sharing” kind AT ALL….but I would consider having sister wives if they were clones of me. Didn’t Michael Keaton to a movie a while back where he was cloned? That seemed like a perfect plan up front but even that turned out to be problematic. I guess I just stuck with me-myself-and I! ~Kathy

  4. David says:

    Quite an interesting post!
    Sister Wives do help, but I only think when it comes to a family with kids. Otherwise, they are not that helpful.

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