What to Expect When You Own a Hamster

hamsterWhen my kids were younger they begged for a hamster. For Easter we surprised them with a brown longhaired teddy bear hamster, the perfect gateway pet. We purchased all the essentials; modular habitat complete with tree house, tunnels and a wheel ($40.89), exercise ball ($23.98), and chew toys ($3.99).

Our kids (sort of) played with Chubby Cheeks for about three months and then ignored him. But the real nail in the coffin, the hamster grew a tumor. Not just any tumor but one that oozed, a pus-filled weeping red disgusting tumor.

“The Hamster Problem”

Soon the hamster was living in the laundry room. Since I washed all the clothes, it became my task to feed and care for him. But after another month “the hamster problem” needed to be addressed.

“Hey, kids, come into the living room,” I said, staring down at my hands. “The hamster needs to go to PetSmart. His tumor needs to be examined.”

“We still have a hamster?” said my son.

Whose kid is this?

Hamster SurgeryPetSmart

The next morning, I placed Chubby Cheeks in a box and drove to the vet. After the doctor examined him, we met in the waiting room and he said, “Good news. We can operate and remove the tumor. What would you like us to do?”

“Hmmm….how much will it cost?”

“$300,” he said checking his watch.

“Do you mind if I ask my husband first?”

I called my hubby and explained the problem. He listened without interruption for a few minutes. After a long pause I asked, “So what should we do? Operate? They can squeeze it in today.”

“How much does a new hamster cost?” he asked.

“Five dollars.”

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  1. That’s putting it in perspective! Did you get a new hamster?

  2. mother-in-law says

    I enjoyed that – – you are to funny with the real life adventures. So how is the puppy doing???and how old is he now???

    • staceygustafson says

      Our dog is terrific. He loves barking at the deer however they are taunting him now.Thanks for posting a comment.

  3. You, my find of the week, are funny. “We still have a hampster?” This really DID make me LOL. I’ll be following your adventures and I’m glad you’re here.

  4. Paulette Niehoff says

    Funny! No one tells you when you are buying that cute little ball of hamster fur that they have very short life spans and die horrible, rotting deaths. Great pets!!

  5. So funny as usual. I have a friend whose daughter’s hamsters kept escaping, never found them in the house. I was glad when she finally didn’t buy any more hamsters.

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