Would It Kill Ya?

Whenever I say, “Would it kill ya?” it is usually followed by a bunch of yelling, whining and begging by my family. One morning, my daughter signaled she was ready to go to high school by tapping a pencil fifteen times on the counter, sighing, and gripping her cell phone tight enough to lose circulation. “Let’s go Mom,” she said, intent on finishing a text message.  “My friends are waiting.” I scanned the room for last minute messes and spied a half finished glass of orange juice, a crusty bowl of cereal and a crushed napkin near her placemat on the kitchen table. “Please pick up your mess,” I said, wiping the counter with a dishrag. My daughter remained perfectly motionless … [Read more...]

Welcome to My Blog

 I am a freelance writer, artist, blogger and stay-at-home mother. My humor column “Are You Kidding Me?” is based on my suburban family and everyday life. My short stories have appeared in Chicken Soup for the Soul and Not Your Mother’s Book…On Being a Woman, Travel, Parent and Home Improvement.  My work appears in Generation Fabulous, ZestNow, Pleasanton Patch, corporate newsletters, and even a commencement speech.  I live in California with my husband and two teenagers that provide me with an endless supply of inspiration. I write about parenting and daily frustrations like my dislike of laundry, the DMV, and being middle-aged. I hope to entertain you one story at a time. Go get your funny … [Read more...]