What I Know to Increase Blog Traffic

  What do I know to increase blog traffic? Enough to help you stop wasting time and get on with the business of promoting your blog! My blog has been up for only ten months but my traffic has increased over 400% by following the rules below. Part 1 Focus Keyword – Pick a focus word or phrase that best represents your story. Put the focus word in the title of your article. Copy your focus word into the focus keyword section of the WordPress SEO exactly as you have it in the title. Then use the focus word or phrase in the first sentence, last sentence and several times in the story. For example, my focus keyword for this article is “increase blog traffic.” Hash Tags – Use … [Read more...]

Who Cares What It Costs? It’s Good for the Environment!

Seems like these days you can get by with doing anything just by saying, “It’s good for the environment!” Go ahead! Eat it! Drive it! Wear it! As long as it’s good for the environment, you can afford to be wasteful. 1. It’s Organic! Don’t worry if you need a second mortgage to shop at Whole Foods. It must be worth it since it’s organic. Don’t bother bringing your own shopping bags. All the food will fit in the tiny, plastic bag still offered for free in the produce section. Your family of four can eat for $89.99 per day, a bargain. Go ahead and spend your whole paycheck! It's good for the … [Read more...]

East Bay Book Signing Event – Bay Books 11/14

Join Local Authors Stacey Gustafson, Camille DeFer Thompson, Julie Royce and Tracy Winslow Bay Books 2415 San Ramon Valley Blvd. San Ramon, CA Wednesday, November 14 7:00 pm We look forward to seeing you at the event. In addition, we got a mention on Not Your Mother's Books WOW Principles e-newsletter about our book signing. Check it out. Great Ideas from Your Fellow Writers! As promised in last month’s newsletter, we are going to share what NYMB contributors Stacey Gustafson, Camille DeFer Thompson, Risa Nye and Tracy Winslow are planning for their San Francisco Bay Area NYMB...On Home Improvement book signing. First off, contributor Julie Royce has joined the four, and the group … [Read more...]

Top 10 Weirdest Spam Comments

If you have a blog, you get weird spam comments. It’s similar to spam in your email inbox. Luckily, these spam comments get shuffled away in a spam folder separate from regular comments. To date, I've received 1,669 spam comments. I wanted to share my weirdest and wackiest spam comments with you. Top 10 Weirdest Spam Comments Ikut menikmati berharganya pembelajaran dari kain songket indahnya Jeng Dani. Matur suksma mbok Quite great written article. It will be supportive to anyone who makes use of it, which includes me. Preserve performing what you are performing a?? cana?? 私たちの知っているガイドと呼ばれるポイントはイタリア—についてや思いやりのある国から開始されました。我々 は何とか野菜スラブ上の飛行によって、アクロポ Hello I like your blog. Would … [Read more...]

Does Size Really Matter?

Does Size Really Matter? Did you ever notice that the number of years you’ve been married determines the size of your mattress? When my husband and I were newlyweds, we slept on a double bed, kissing and hugging the night away, wrapped in marital bliss. Over time I realized a double bed was a colossal mistake, like sleeping in a crib with a hairy gorrila. Buy a King After ten years, we progressed to a queen and then a California king, the mother of all beds. With the extra inches we thought we’d have more room to stretch and stake out personal space. “This bed is amazing,” said my hubby. “Can’t believe it took us so long to move up.” “I’ll finally get some rest,” I … [Read more...]

Warning! Don’t Dress Like a Mom

“Mom, it wouldn’t hurt for you to dress up a little before you drop us off at school,” says my 13-year-old daughter. Don't Dress Like a Mom And by “a little” she means stiletto heels, coiffed hair, and full makeup.  Her fashion icon is a friend’s mother who has the audacity to be cool and put together by eight a.m.  She wears trendy pumps, coordinated jewelry and designer sunglasses--a true fashion aficionado.  Heck, I’m lucky to swing that on a long weekend.  What kind of mother wears three-inch heels to walk the kids to school? Not to be excluded from the conversation, my 10-year-old son chimes in, “Seriously, Mom.  It’s embarrassing.  Try to look better.” Who's he kidding?  Five … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Wedding By Planes, Trains & Automobiles

This article was contributed by Guest Blogger, Annette Langer. Planes My sister was getting married again, and I couldn’t wait to attend her wedding across country. My flight was delayed considerably, but we finally took off, and soon the flight attendant came by with the drink cart. I reached for the cranberry juice I’d ordered, our hands collided, and the overfull glass landed in my lap. After not so much as an apology, she offered me the nearby first class restroom to "tidy up," she said. (It was a shorter distance than leaving a cranberry trail all the way to the rear lavatory.)  She handed me a towel to sit on, but since the middle seat was vacant, I convinced her to switch that … [Read more...]

How to Send Your Daughter Off to College

Sending my daughter to college for the first time was as confusing as the mysteries of the teenage mind. Ashley is our first-born and my husband and I had documented all her firsts: first steps, first words, first day of kindergarten, first car and now, first child to attend college. We recognized that everything we had done up to this point was practice. Throughout the summer, we shopped together for college essentials like toiletries, colorful bedding, laundry baskets, eating utensils, and power cords. She selected her college courses on-line and searched for a roommate through the school’s Facebook page. She was ready to begin a new adventure and had marked off the boxes on the … [Read more...]